Benefits Cardio Training

Cardio Training

Most people have at least a vague idea of what cardio and cardiovascular training means. It is used to describe workouts regarding your heart and lungs. Endurance activities such as cycling, running and swimming are examples. This article shows some of the benefits of this training style.

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These exercises have effects on the heart and blood vessels, but also the lunges. When you think about cardiovascular exercises, or simply said, cardio, you probably think about jogging, running on the treadmill, cycling and swimming. These indeed are cardio exercises.

The effects of these exercises are as follows:

  • Increasing lung capacity: The exercises will strengthen the muscles involved in breathing, which will lead to a better utilisation of oxygen, thus a better sports performance.
  • Strengthening heart muscle: A stronger heart is able to supply its blood to body parts more easily. It helps to deliver oxygen to these body parts faster, which is very helpful when you are practising sports.
  • Burns calories: One of the main reason people do cardio is because it is an effective way to burn energy.
  • mprove blood flow and therefore limits blood clotting. This will lead to a better blood circulation.
  • Reducing stress and can also reduce the chance of getting a depression. Cardio (among other sports and exercising) releases the hormone endorphin. This is the hormone that makes you feel happy.
  • It will also strengthen your skeletal muscles, including your leg and abdominal muscles. It, therefore, helps you build lean muscle.

These are just a few of the many great effects that cardiovascular exercises have.

In the articles you can find in this section I will give you examples of cardiovascular workout routines, the right technique you need to use, different styles of cardio and more.

Both cardio and weightlifting/bodyweight workout routines can be found under the section "Workouts".

I was a runner/sprinter for almost 2.5 years. It never was my favourite field, but I did enjoy the benefits of cardio. My favourite running workouts were High Intensity Interval Training, so that is one of the styles that I often recommend.

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