Personal Training

Personal Training

Would you like to have a personalized workout, nutrition or flexibility training plan? I am a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, a Flexibility Expert and Certified Nutritionist (weight consultant). Achieve your maximum potential with plans specifically designed for YOU!

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Here is how it works

You can contact me via with a request for a specific routine (flexibility, nutrition or fitness). Then I will send you a contact form with questions about your goals, current level of fitness and much more. With this information I will be able to make the plans that you wanted. I send you a message the moment I finish the plans after which you can make the payment. As soon as I receive the payment I will send you the ordered plans and you are good to go! I want my clients to be satisfied with the plans I make for them. Whenever something does not work the way you would like it to go you can always contact me. Together we will look for suitable adjustments if necessary.

Price List

  • Personalized Flexibility Routine $49,- (€36,-)

    What you get: A weekly training routine with variations of exercises and explanations of the correct stretching technique.

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan $49,- (€36,-)

    What you get: A structured 7 days meal plan completely individualized by your needs (kcal, protein, fats, etc.), preferences and budget.

  • Personalized Workout Plan $49,- (€36,-)

    What you get: A weekly workout plan for 3 full months. The workouts are completely adjusted to your level of fitness, goals and available equipment (body weight only, dumbbells, barbells, etc.).

All plans will be send over in PDF file. I will do everything within my power to make you a safe workout or nutrition plan. However, I cannot be taken accountable for any kind of injury or problem that might occur while using my fitness plans. If I feel that your situation is too difficult for me (for example if you have allergies or have physical problems such as a hernia) I will refer you to a different specialist. That way the chance of injuries or health problems will be kept to a minimum!

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